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Morning Sky Greenery (MSG) was the first nursery in west central Minnesota to specialize in growing native wildflowers and grasses. In particular, MSG was the first nursery in the area to grow plants specifically for shoreline restoration projects in the region.

MSG’s first project was located in the Alexandria area. Douglas County Land and Resource Management, the DNR and local citizens were concerned over shoreline erosion and runoff problems effecting the water quality of area lakes and streams. The health of these bodies of water were in jeopardy due to a rapidly growing local economy and urban sprawl. These planners had the foresight to think creatively and figure out solutions to the inevitable water quality issues they were facing. Morning Sky Greenery, being the only native plant grower in the region, at the time (1995),was invited to help in the effort of restoring shoreline in the Alexandria area. Today, MSG has been providing native plants, for hundreds of shoreline restoration projects all over Minnesota and beyond, ever since!

Choosing the right plants to fit all the variations of soil type and sun exposure, at a particular site, can be an overwhelming task! Let Morning Sky Greenery help you with your project! We are very knowledgeable about our plants and pay close attention to plant communities. We can help you choose the right plants for the right place! Our plants are source identified and are hardened off before you are ready to plant them. We grow durable plants that can take most of whatever nature send their way!

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Shoreline Restoration Products

Located in the heart of the prairie region of west-central Minnesota, Morning Sky Greenery is a nursery specializing in MN native prairie wildflowers and grasses. We are impressed with the beauty, vigor and usefulness of these native plants. Morning Sky Greenery is dedicated to helping preserve this important part of our natural heritage. We invite you to visit by appointment. Please call to find a time that works for everyone.

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NOTE: Our plants are grown in west-central Minnesota (USDA plant hardiness zone 4) and are best suited to the Midwest and Northeast. We encourage customers ordering for the Southeast (GA, FL, AL, SC, MS) and California to support nurseries within their climate! Please review our policies here before ordering.

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