Vernonia fasciculata

Vernonia fasciculata


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Soil: Hydric(Wet), to Mesic(Medium) Sun: Full to Part Height: 4′-6′ Color: Rose-Purple Blooms: July-September Flowers: The flower heads form a spreading terminal cluster. Leaves: The long, pointed leaves are sharply toothed.

Suggested Uses:

This tall beautiful wildflower has nice dark green, clean foliage and a flat cluster of flowers at the top of each stem. It is an excellent plant for a larger rain garden and is very useful for shoreline restoration! This plant is the host for the American Painted Lady Butterfly!

Interesting Facts

Medicinal Uses: Food Uses: Other Uses: A good nectar producer for commercial honeybees. Name: Called Ironweed for its tough stem. Its Latin name comes from William Vernon – English botanist and explorer in the 17th century. Other names:

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