Trillium grandiflorum

Trillium grandiflorum


Large-Flowered Trillium Category:


Please Note: These bulbs come up, bloom early, and go into dormancy during hot weather. If purchased for spring delivery they will be either coming out of dormancy or actively growing mid spring. If purchased late spring through fall they will be either going into dormancy or dormant and will not grow until the following spring. Soil: Hydric(Moist) to Mesic(Medium) Sun: Part to Shade Height: 1′ Color: White Blooms: April-June Flowers: The flowers are 2″-4″ wide with 3 wavy edged petals, 3 green sepals, 6 stamens and yellow anthers. The petals can turn pink or purple before fading. Leaves: The 3″-6″ pointed leaves are a whorl of 3 just beneath the single flower.

Suggested Uses:

This very showy woodland wildflower is particularly impressive when planted in mass! This extraordinary plant is a cheery addition to the woodland setting!  

Interesting Facts

Medicinal Uses: Native Americans once used the root stalks as medicine. Food Uses: The young leaves can be eaten in salad, or cooked if collected before the flowers appear. More Info: Seeds are dispersed by ants. Name: It has the largest flower of any Minnesota Trillium. Both the common and scientific name reflect that trait. Other Names: White-flowered Trillium

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