Symphyotrichum lanceolatum (Aster simplex)

Symphyotrichum lanceolatum (Aster simplex)


Lance Leaved Aster Category:


Soil: Hydric(Wet) to Mesic(Medium)
Sun: Full
Height: 4′-5′
Color: White
Bloom: July-October
Flowers: The 3/4"-1" flower heads have numerous petal-like ray flowers surrounding yellow disk flowers.
Leaves: The lance-shaped pointed leaves are 3"-6" long.


Suggested Uses:

This is one of the most aggressive of our Asters but is deserving of it’s use for moist meadows, shoreline restoration and large rain gardens. It is an excellent source of nectar for bees and butterflies and will out compete non-native plants!


Interesting Facts:

Medicinal Uses: A salve of dried plant was applied to abrasions and smoke from crushed flowers was used to treat nosebleeds.
Food Uses:
Other Uses: It attracts butterflies and moths and is a good source of pollen for bees.
More Information:
Name: Aster is Latin for "star."

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