Symphyotrichum laeve (Aster laevis)

Symphyotrichum laeve (Aster laevis)


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Soil: Mesic(Medium)
Sun: Full to Part
Height: 3′-5′
Color: Blue-Lavender
Bloom: Aug-Oct
Flowers: The 1″ flower heads have many blue petal-like ray flowers surrounding yellow disk flowers.
Leaves: The toothed, elliptical or lance-shaped leaves are 1-4″ long. The lower leaves have leaf stalks, the upper leaves clasp the stem. It is smooth to the touch.

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Smooth Blue Aster is a beautiful and showy plant, but will grow fairly large in fertile soils. Foliage is smooth with a hint of blue.  It has showy clusters of light blue to lavender flowers and is a fabulous source of nectar for bees and butterflies. Grows in open prairies and woodland edges and slopes. Excellent at attracting pollinating bees and other beneficial insects!

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Name: Aster is Latin for “star.”
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