Scirpus cyperinus

Scirpus cyperinus


Wool Grass Category:


Soil: Hydric (Wet) (Medium)
Sun: Full
Height: 5′
Type: Cool season.

Suggested Uses:

This is an attractive bulrush for shoreline restoration and large rain gardens. It has attractive seed heads and is a good plant to use as a buffer against wave action.  Grows on muddy, sandy or gravelly soils and is found on marshes, pond edges, sloughs and sedge meadows.

Interesting Facts:

Wildlife Uses: Provides food and cover for many species!
More Info:
Woolgrass stems have been used to make matting and ropes. The fluffy seed heads have been used as pillow stuffing.
Other Names:
Cotton-grass Bulrush, Common Wool-grass

Additional information

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