Ratibida columnifera

Ratibida columnifera


Long-headed Coneflower Categories: ,


Soil: Mesic (Medium) to Xeric (Dry)
Sun: Full to Part
Height: 2′-3′
Color: Yellow
Bloom: June-August
Flowers: The petal-like ray flowers are about 1″ long and circle a 1″-2″ long column-like disk.

Suggested Uses:

This is a short-lived perennial, but has a nice long season of bloom. It will also reseed itself and is a lovely addition to the prairie garden. Additionally, it is an excellent plant for upland, shoreline restoration. This plant works well in dry sandy and gravelly soils. The flowers are attractive to pollinating insects and to butterflies!

Interesting Facts:

Medicinal Uses: Leaves and stems were infused to make an external treatment for snakebites, headaches, stomachaches, fevers, and poison ivy rashes.
Food Uses: Leaves and flower heads were made into tea.
Other Uses:
More Information:
Other Names: Mexican Hat

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