Ranunculus hispidus

Ranunculus hispidus


Swamp Buttercup Category:


Soil: Hydric(Wet) to Mesic(Medium)
Sun: Full to Part
Height: 1′-2′
Color: Yellow
Bloom: April-July
Flowers: The 1″ flowers have 5 round petals.
Leaves: The 3-lobes leaves grow on long stalks.

Suggested Uses:

These plants grow in moist woods and meadows. They are a good plant for rain gardens and restoration projects. See folklore below!

Interesting Facts:

Medicinal Uses:
Folklore: If you hold this flower under someones chin and ask “Do you like butter?” If the chin has a yellow glow, the answer is “Yes!”
Food Uses:

Other Uses:
More Information:
Name: The yellow Buttercups in the pasture were once thought to contribute to high cream content in milk and give butter its yellow color.

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