Pocket Series: Woodland in Your Pocket

Pocket Series: Woodland in Your Pocket


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A Guide to Common Woodla Category:


Across the entire Midwest, woodlands have been cleared to make way for farmlands and pastures, highways, mining activities, suburban sprawl, and industrial expansion; this large-scale destruction has caused a dramatic decline in the diversity and stability of our original forest communities. While the widespread loss of wooded areas is tragic, it is still possible to discover hidden treasures in the remnants.

To assist your exploration and enjoyment of the woodlands, artist and botanist Mark Mïller has provided common and scientific names, blooming dates, heights, and color illustrations for fifty-nine common native Midwestern species.

As with all wild plants, these woodland species should not be disturbed; they will not transplant and are often so sensitive that even picking their flowers may kill them. Enjoy your outdoor experiences, but please respect the woodlands and their inhabitants.


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