Penstemon grandiflorus

Penstemon grandiflorus


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Soil: Mesic(Medium) to Xeric(Dry) Sun: Full to Partial Height: 2′-3′ Color: Lavender Bloom: May-June Flowers: The flowers are about 2″ long and have 5 lobes. Leaves: The opposite leaves are simple, ovate to oblong and clasp the stem. They are blue-green and rather thick.


Suggested Uses:

This is the showiest of our Penstemons! It makes an incredibly beautiful display in late May and June. It grows well in sandy and gravelly soils as well as in typical, well-drained garden soil. It is attractive to hummingbirds and makes a wonderful cut flower bouquet. It also has very interesting seed capsules that are bold and great for the dried flower bouquet as well! It is an awesome plant for an upland area of a shoreline restoration!


Interesting Facts:

Medicinal Uses: Native Americans treated toothache by chewing the roots. The leaves were used to treat snakebite, chills and fever. Food Uses: Other Uses: More Information: Name: Penstemon means 5 stamens.

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