Pediomelum esculentum

Pediomelum esculentum


Prairie Turnip Category:


Please Note: These plants lose their tops at the end of summer. A process that helps them to distribute their seeds. Please inquire about availability for late summer.

Soil: Xeric(Dry)
Sun: Full
Height: .5′-1.5′
Color: Blue
Blooms: May-July
Leaves: The compound palm-like leaves are divided into 5 silver, hairy, oblong leaflets.


Suggested Uses:

This is a very unusual plant and is a good one for the plant collector! Useful for upland restoration projects along shorelines.





Interesting Facts

Food Uses: Many Native Americans used it as an important source of food. Lewis and Clark ate it on their journey. Many settlers bought ‘bread root’ from Native Americans. It was eaten raw, boiled, or ground into flour.
Other Uses: Tea from the roots was used as a stimulant and to treat constipation. Tea from the lower leaves was a fever remedy and a snakebite treatment.
Other Names:Indian Breadroot, Indian Potato, Pomme Blanche, Teepsenee ,  Psoralea esculenta
Fun Fact: Our local river, that runs through Morris,  “The Pomme de Terre” Is named after this plant, which grew along it’s banks.

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