Onoclea sensibilis

Onoclea sensibilis

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Soil: Hydric (Wet) – Xeric (Dry)
Sun: Full Sun – Shade
Height: 1 foot
Bloom: non-flowering

More Details:

Suggested Uses: Sensitive Fern is a beautiful ground cover and works particularly well on wooded slopes. This fern grows in a variety of settings and will thrive in moist woodlands. The foliage makes it an excellent plant for woodland gardens.

Native Range: Native to the eastern half of the U.S. Minnesota is at the eastern edge of the range for Onoclea sensibilis, it is native to the eastern half of the state.

Habitat: Provides shelter for amphibians, including frogs and salamanders.

Leaves: Leaves are bright green and broader than many ferns.

More information: USDA plant profile

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