Monarch Butterfly Banquet Packages

Monarch Butterfly Banquet Packages


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These plant packages are created to support all stages of the life cycle of the Monarch Butterfly (Danaus Plexippus). They contain a variety of Milkweed (Asclepias) species for the caterpillar and composites such as Blazing Stars (Liatris), Asters (Symphyotrichum), Goldenrod (Oligoneuron and Solidago) as well as other earlier summer composites for the adult butterfly. We choose the plants at time of shipment and that means you save! Please leave notes in the comment section of your order about your soil type, sun exposure, moisture availability, etc. so we can most appropriately choose plants for you.

Danaus plexippus – This package contains a variety of 9 plants in 3.5″ pots.

Census Buster
– This package contains a variety of 12 – 6 packs (72 small plugs) that can be added to any larger project to enhance Monarch habitat!

Complete Metamorphosis
– This package contains a variety of 18 plants in 3.5″ pots.

All packages contain roughly: 

1/3 Asclepias species (Milkweeds) – for egg-laying and food for caterpillars

1/3 Liatris species (Blazing Stars) – very high-value nectar source for adults

1/3 Composite species (Asteraceae family) with at least one early-season bloom, one mid-season bloom and one late-season bloom – provide nectar for adult monarchs throughout the whole season.

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Census Buster, Complete Metamorphosis, Danaus plexippus