Moist Prairie Mix

Moist Prairie Mix


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It is essential that flower seeds are sown with at least 30% grasses. For a naturalized planting or restoration, Morning Sky Greenery highly recommends sowing grasses at a rate of 50% or more.  Species on list may vary depending on availability, but will include those species native to our region. Add some of our seed packets if you would like more diversity in the mix. See individual species for seed availability!

Seeds are also sold by the scoop at our nursery. Come visit us!

Flowers typically include:

Grasses typically include:

We recommend 8 lbs of seeds per acre or 3.5 oz per 1000 square feet. Grasses can stand alone and can be sown without any flowers. A small batch mixing fee may apply for purchases under 2.5 lbs. Prices are subject to change. Please call or email for current pricing.

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Weight 2.0 lbs