Lilium philadelphicum

Lilium philadelphicum


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This plant may be limited in quantity. Please inquire!

Please Note:
Bulbs will be small, approx. the size of a small fingernail,  and small plants should be protected from deer, rabbits and other wildlife. They may also lose their leaves from transplant shock , but will come back the following year…so make sure you mark them!

Mesic (Medium)
Sun: Full to Part
Height: 1′-3′
Color: Orange
Bloom: June-July
Flowers: The upward pointing flowers can reach 2″ wide. They have 3 petal-like sepals and 3 true petals each tapering and attached to the flower by a stalk. There are spaces between the stalks. There are 1-5 flowers per plant.
Leaves: The leaves are 1″-4″ long, lance-shaped, and usually in whorls.


Suggested Uses:

This is one of the showiest and one of only orange prairie flowers in our region. This plant is in bloom when the Coreopsis and the Prairie phlox are in bloom and make for a spectacular show! It is a a lovely garden plant and should be protected from deer and rabbits as they will clip the buds off before the flowers bloom or nip the seed heads off before they can fall to the ground! It is attractive to hummingbirds.


Interesting Facts:

Medicinal Uses: Lily roots were used in poultices on sores and boils. Powdered flowers were considered a treatment for certain spider bites.
Food Uses: Lily bulbs have been boiled, baked, roasted and used a thickening agent in soups.
Other Uses:
More Information:
Other Names:
Wood Lily

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