Lilium michiganense

Lilium michiganense


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*Most of our Michigan Lilies are grown from seed and are very slow growing. 3.5″ pots often have foliage 2-4″ tall and 6-packs have foliage 1-2″ tall. Young plants may go dormant by mid-summer.*

Key Information:

Soil: Hydric (Wet) – Mesic (Medium)
Sun: Sun – Part Sun
Height: 3-6 feet
Bloom Color: Bright orange
Bloom Season: July

More Details:

Suggested Uses: Michigan Lily is a very tall and showy lily with many drooping blooms. This wildflower does well in typical gardens with cool, moist soil.

Native Range: Native to the Great Lakes and parts of the South. Native to the eastern half of the state of Minnesota.

Pollinators: Hummingbirds, moths (hummingbird and sphinx) and butterflies.

Flowers: Large orange flowers with petals that recurve (curve backwards). The flowers droop towards the ground. The throat of the flower is spotted with large showy stamens.

Leaves:  Shiny, linear dark green leaves arranged in whorls up the stem

Other Names: Turk’s Cap Lily

More information: USDA plant profile

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