Juncus effusus

Juncus effusus


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Soil: Hydric (Wet) to Mesic (Medium)
Sun: Full
Height: 2′
Type: Cool season, perennial.

Suggested Uses:

Excellent for wetland restoration!

Interesting Facts:

Food and Medicinal Uses: Rush shoots can be eaten raw, roasted, or boiled. The seeds are also edible.
Wildlife Uses: Rushes provide food for wildlife as well as soil stabilization. Songbirds, waterfowl, muskrats, quail, gophers, and rabbits eat the seeds. They also provide cover for all kinds of wildlife, from waterfowl to amphibians. Muskrats use rushes to build their houses.
Crop Uses:
Cattle will eat rushes, but only if they can’t find other, better tasting forage.
More Info:
Soft rush is often woven into baskets. The Japanese use them to weave tatami mats. Sometimes it is dyed with natural colors, like yellow from the indigo plant.
Other Names:
Common Rush

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