Juncus effusus

Juncus effusus


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Key Information:

Soil: Hydric (Wet) – Mesic (Medium)
Sun: Part Sun
Height: 2 feet
Type: Cool season, perennial.

More Details:

Suggested Uses: Excellent for wetland and shoreline restoration! Stiff leaves and stems and unique seed heads provide texture in rain gardens and regular mesic gardens too.

Native Range: Native to the eastern half of the U.S. and the West Coast.  Native to Northeast Minnesota.

Wildlife: Rushes are great for soil stabilization. They are also an excellent food source for wildlife. Songbirds, waterfowl, muskrats, quail, gophers, and rabbits eat the seeds. They provide cover for all kinds of wildlife, from waterfowl to amphibians. Muskrats use rushes to build their houses. Cattle will eat rushes, but only if they can’t find other, better tasting forage.

More Info: Soft rush is used in basket-making. It is used in Japan to weave tatami mats.

Other Names: Common Rush

More Information: USDA plant profile

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