Hesperostipa spartea (Stipa spartea)

Hesperostipa spartea (Stipa spartea)


Porcupine Grass Category:


Soil: Xeric (Dry) (Medium)
Sun: Full – Part
Height: 4′
Type: Cool-season.

Suggested Uses:

This grass is excellent for restoration purposes.  It is also an an excellent plant for an educational, learning garden, but beware! The mature seeds are very sharp.

Interesting Facts:

Wildlife: Provides a food source to a variety of small animals and birds.
Other info: Has very pointy, sharp seeds that plant themselves by cork screwing down into the soil as they dry! When mature, the sharp seeds can get embedded in the mouths of livestock. Ouch! Bundles of seeds were also used by some Native American tribes as hair brushes.
Other Names: Hesperostipa spartea

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