Gymnocarpium dryopteris

Gymnocarpium dryopteris

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Key Information:

Soil: Hydric (Moist) – Mesic (Medium)
Sun: Part Sun – Shade
Height: Up to 12″
Blooms: non-flowering

More Details:

Suggested Uses: Western Oakfern is a finely textured fern that enjoys moist, cool, mossy woodland settings. Its foliage is a nice contrast to bolder foliage in the landscape. Provides cover for wildlife. Grows well under evergreens.

Native Range: Western Oakfern is predominantly native to the Upper Midwest and the Northeast but its range includes scattered areas throughout the Pacific Northwest, Rocky Mountains and Appalachia too.

Habitat: Provides cover, nesting places and materials. Occasionally eaten by Elk and Grizzly Bears in the Pacific Northwest.

Other Names: Northern Oakfern

More information: USDA plant profile

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