Eutrochium maculatum (Eupatorium maculatum)

Eutrochium maculatum (Eupatorium maculatum)


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Hydric(Wet) to Mesic(medium)
Sun: Full
Height: 4′-6′
Color: Pink-Lavender
Bloom: June-August
Flowers: The large flat-topped 4″-8″ cluster is made up of individual fuzzy flower heads. The flower heads are 1/3″ wide and contain only disk flowers.
Leaves: The whorled thick leaves are 3″ to 8″ long and coarsely toothed.

Suggested Uses:

These plants are very tall and stout! Excellent for the back border or along a fence line. The flowers provide much needed nectar for butterflies and the birds love the insects that hide amongst  the fluffy seed heads. This plant is also widely used for shoreline restoration, moist meadows and large rain gardens.

Interesting Facts:

Medicinal Uses: A Native American named Joe-Pye used the plant to treat fevers and early settlers used it to treat typhus.
Food Uses:
Other Uses:
More Information:
Name: The King of Pontus – Mithridates Eupator, used Eupatorium as an antidote for poison.
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