Elymus villosus

Elymus villosus


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Key Information

Soil: Hydric (Moist) – Mesic (Medium) – Xeric (Dry)
Sun: Part Sun – Shade
Height: 1-3′
Type: Cool season, perennial

More Detail:

Suggested Uses: This is a pretty grass that grows well in wooded areas or along woodland edges in nice loamy soils.  Its seed heads have long awns and are very attractive. Great for wooded shoreline restoration. Nice for a woodland rain garden. Can tolerate sandy or gravelly soils. Grows well under evergreens.

Native Range: Native to the Midwest, Appalachia and the Northeast. It is most often found in the southern half of Minnesota.

Wildlife Value:  Provides nesting material, cover and food for birds and mammals.

Other Names: Hairy Wild Rye

More information: USDA plant profile

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