Elymus trachycaulus (Agropyron trachycaulum)

Elymus trachycaulus (Agropyron trachycaulum)

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Key Information:

Soil: Mesic (Medium) – Xeric (Dry)
Sun: Full Sun – Part Sun
Height: 1.5-3.5 feet
Type: Cool season, perennial, bunchgrass

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Suggested Uses: A fast growing grass that is excellent for restoration projects and erosion control. It establishes quickly and then fades back after a few years to give other grasses a chance to become established.  This grass is tolerant of alkaline soils! Does not have the long, distinctive awns of other Elymus species.

Native Range: Native to the West, the Great Lakes and the Northeast.

Wildlife Uses: Elk and Bighorn Sheep enjoy grazing on Slender Wheat Grass. It is palatable and nutritious for both wildlife and livestock. Sometimes used in hay in combination with other grasses.

More information: USDA plant profile

Photo: Robert H. Mohlenbrock @ USDA-NRCS

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