Dodecatheon meadia

Dodecatheon meadia


Midland Shooting Star Category:


Please Note: Plants may go into summer dormancy during hot weather.

Photo Credit: Jennifer Anderson @ USDA-NRCS.jpg

Soil: Hydric( Moist)  to (Dry)
Sun: Full to Part
Height: 8″-24″
Color: White
Bloom: April-June
Flowers: The nodding 1″-2″ flowers have 5 sepals, 5 upward spurred petals and numerous stamens.
Leaves: The basal leaves are up to 6″ long.

Suggested Uses:

Very similar to the Amethyst shooting star. The edges of the leaves have a bit of red a trim and a small ripple. The flowers are lighter in color. A beautiful specimen for the rock garden!

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More Information:  Bees visit these flowers for pollen. Bumblebees are especially fond of them.

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