Desmodium canadense

Desmodium canadense


Showy Tick Trefoil Categories: ,


Soil: Hydric(Moist) to Mesic(Medium)
Sun: Full
Height: 2′-5′
Color: Dark Pink
Bloom: Jul-Aug
Flowers: The 1/2″ pea-like flowers bloom in a long terminal cluster.
Leaves: The compound leaves are divided into 3 oblong leaflets. The entire plant is hairy.

Suggested Uses:

This plant  grows tall and has showy pink flowers. It has “stick tight” type seeds which will attach to clothing.  It is a good plant to use for restoration of wet meadows, shoreline and  for the large rain garden. Upland gamebirds enjoy the seeds.

Interesting Facts:

Medicinal Uses:
Food Uses:
Other Uses:  It is good for attracting bees, butterflies and hummingbirds. Makes a fairly nice cut flower, as well.
More Information:
Name: Desmodiom means long branch or chain in Greek. Referring to the formation of the seed pods. They stick to your clothes – thus the common name “tick”. Trefoil means “3-leaves.”
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