Desmanthus illinoensis

Desmanthus illinoensis


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Photo by Kristen Kearns

Soil: Mesic(Medium) to Xeric(Dry)

Sun: Full
Height: 3′-5′
Color: white
Bloom: July-August
Flowers: The round flower head is made up of many small flowers. Each with 5 petals.
Leaves: The leaves are doubly divided into tiny leaflets.

Suggested Uses:

This plant grows on upland prairies. It has fine textured, feathery foliage and white flowers that resemble that of a Mimosa Tree. This wildflower is attractive to butterflies and birds are fond of the seeds. This unusual plant is great for restoration purposes and one for the plant collector!

Interesting Facts:

Medicinal Uses: Said to cure itch.
Food Uses:
Other Uses: It is an important range plant, since it is very high in protein.
More Information:  This plant is also related to the Sensitive Plant. The one that children like to touch and watch the leaves fold up, instantaneously.  The Prairie Mimosa will fold up slowly after being touched and folds it’s leaves up at night for conservation purposes!
Other Names: Prairie Mimosa, Prickleweed

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