Dalea villosa (Petalostemum villosum)

Dalea villosa (Petalostemum villosum)


Image by Wisconsin Dept. of Natural Resources

Silky Prairie Clover Category:


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Xeric (Dry)
Sun: Full
Height: 1′-3′
Color: Lavender
Bloom: July-August
Flowers: The flowers grow in 1″-3″ long cylindrical spikes. They bloom in a ring around the spike. The individual flowers are 1/6″ long with one main heart-shaped petal and 4 narrow petal-like structures.
Leaves: The 1 1/2″ alternate silky leaves has 5-9 linear leaflets.

Suggested Uses:

This plant is very similar to the Purple Prairie Clover, Dalea purpurea, except that the foliage is covered with soft white hairs, giving it a silvery look. This plant is a true beauty!  Excellent plant for sandy soils and rock gardens. Attractive to bees and butterflies!

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Medicinal Uses:
Food Uses:
Other Uses: It moves nitrogen from the air into the ground, which improves the soil.
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