Cornus canadensis

Cornus canadensis

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Key Information:

Soil: Mesic (Medium). Acidic soil.
Sun: Part Sun – Shade
Height:  3-6″
Bloom Color: White, giving way to a cluster of bright red berries that are quite showy!
Bloom Season: June – July

More Details:

Suggested Uses: Bunchberry is a very nice groundcover for a woodland garden or shoreline planting. It can be found in boreal forests and open bogs. It is often found in wooded parks near lakes and streams and thrives in a cool, damp environment.  Bunchberry is beautiful all season long. Grows well under evergreens. The bright green foliage lasts throughout the summer and the white bracts and red berries keep this plant eye-catching. Fun fact: this flower bursts open from the weight of a pollinator. It bursts in less than a millisecond making it indiscernible to the naked eye and one of the fastest motions attributed to plants.

Native Range: Native to northern-most latitudes in the contiguous U.S. including the northern half of Minnesota.

Pollinators/Habitat: Great food source for birds. Pollinated by bumblebees, long-horn beetles and small ants.

Flowers:  The true flowers are inconspicuous but each flower has four showy, white and beautiful bracts.

Leaves:  Leaves in a whorl around the stem. Prominent veins that are characteristic of Dogwood leaves.

Interesting Facts

Food Uses:  Berries are apparently edible and can be eaten as a trail snack although they do not have much flavor. Eat at your own risk.

Other Names: Bunchberry Dogwood.

More information: USDA plant profile

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