Castilleja coccinea

Castilleja coccinea


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Soil: Mesic(Medium), Hydric (moist)
Sun: Full to Part
Height: 1′-2′
Color: Red, Yellow
Bloom: April-September
Flowers: The flowers are 1″ long yellow tubes hidden in the red bracts.
Leaves: The basal leaves are un-toothed, elliptical and form rosettes. The stem leaves are stalkless.

Suggested Uses:

This is a very showy annual wildflower that grows best on damp sandy soils. This plant is a semi-parasitic plant that needs to penetrate the roots of a host plant, usually grasses in order to survive. It does not like to be transplanted or moved in the garden, but can be transplanted successfully from a pot to the garden.

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More Information: This plant is semi-parasitic and its roots attach to the roots of other plants. It is an annual or sometimes a biennial.
Other Names: Scarlet Paintbrush, Painted Cup

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