Carex bicknellii

Carex bicknellii


Photo credit: Jay Sturner, via Wikimedia Commons

Copper-Shouldered Oval Sedge Category:


Key Information:

Soil: Mesic (Medium) to Xeric (Dry)
Sun: Full Sun
Height: 3′
Type: Cool-season, root system is fibrous and rhizomatous.

More Details:

Suggested Uses: A nice landscape plant for shoreline restoration. This is a sedge for drier soil. This one is stiffer, but finer in texture than many of the sedges. Does not like competition from tall forbs.

Wildlife: Upland gamebirds enjoy the seeds of this sedge. Carex spp. are wind pollinated but still attractive and beneficial to many species of butterflies, skippers and moths which feed on the leaves.  Carex spp., in general, are excellent an source of food for a variety of birds.

Native Range: Native to the Midwest and parts of New England. Native throughout much of Minnesota.

More Information: USDA PLANT profile

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