Campanulastrum americanum (Campanula americana)

Campanulastrum americanum (Campanula americana)

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Please Note: These may be an annual or biennial, depending on the time of germination.

Key Information:

Soil: Mesic (Medium)
Sun: Part Sun – Shade
Height: 3-5 feet
Bloom Color: Light Blue – Lavender
Bloom Season: June – August

More Details:

Suggested Uses: Tall Bellflower is a biennial that is attractive to bees and butterflies and has a fairly long blooming period. Great for the butterfly garden! This plant is considered an annual or biennial but self-seeds.

Native Range: Native to the Lower Midwest and Appalachia. Native to southern Minnesota, especially along the Minnesota River Valley.

Pollinators: Bees and butterflies.

Flowers: Flowers are star-shaped and flattened and arranged in a terminal spike.

Leaves: 3-6″, alternate

Other Names: American Bellflower

More information: USDA PLANT profile

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