Bromus kalmii

Bromus kalmii

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Key Information:

Soil: Mesic (Medium)
Sun: Full Sun
Height: 1-3 feet
Type: Cool season, short-lived, perennial grass. It has a combination of short rhizomes and fibrous roots.

More Details:

Suggested Uses: Beautiful pendulous, drooping, downy seed heads! This grass is nice for upland prairie and shoreline restoration project, as well as more conventional landscapes or gardens.

Native Range: Native to the Northeast and Upper Midwest. Native throughout the state of Minnesota, except for the southwest corner.

Wildlife: Game birds, swallows and small rodents eat the grain. Deer and rodents eat the leaves.

Other info: The fuzzy seed head is one of the easier ways to differentiate Kalm’s Brome from invasive Smooth Brome. Leaves are also hairier than non-native brome grasses.

More Information: USDA PLANT profile

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