Bees Beelong Lawn Mix

Bees Beelong Lawn Mix


Choose your package, sun or shade, for 84 sq. ft. or 168 sq. ft.


Bees Beelong Lawn Mix Category:


These plant packages will contain a combination of short flowers and grasses (1-2′ tall) selected to provide a welcoming environment for bees and other pollinators. Plants will be chosen from a selection that are vigorous and healthy at the time of shipment. Select either Mix 84 with six 6-packs of flowers and four 12-packs of grasses containing a total of 84 plants, or Mix 168 with twelve 6-packs of flowers and eight 12-packs of grasses containing a total of 168 plants.

Selections will likely include plants from the following list (and others):



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Sun Mix 84, Sun Mix 168, Shade Mix 84, Shade Mix 168