Asclepias incarnata

Asclepias incarnata


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Plant these for the Monarch Butterflies!

Soil: Hydric (Wet) to Mesic(Medium)
Sun: Full
Height: 3′-4′
Color: Pink
Blooms: July
Flowers: The 1/4″ flowers have 5 recurved petals around a central crown. They grow in clusters 2-3″ wide.
Leaves: The narrow, lance-shaped, opposite leaves are 4″ long.

 Suggested Uses:

These are one of the main food sources for the larval stage of the Monarch butterfly. No doubt,  you will view the full life cycle of this butterfly on this plant!  This is a great plant for a learning garden and flowers are lusciously fragrant!!! Monarch Butterflies are in serious decline. Please plant Milkweeds!

Interesting Facts

Medicinal Uses: Used as a tea by certain native American tribes to increase lactation. Others used a tea from ground root to cause temporary sterility.
Other Uses: Early settlers made glue from the sticky white juice.
More Info: Only a few flowers become pollinated and form a seed pod.
Name: The name Asclepias is from the name of the Greek god of medicine, Asklepios, while incarnata means flesh colored in Latin.
Other Names: Red Milkweed


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