Asarum canadense

Asarum canadense


Wild Ginger Category:


Soil: Mesic (Medium)
Sun: Shade
Height: 4″-8″
Color: Dark Red
Blooms: April-May
Flowers: The 1 1/2″ flowers have no petals, but have 3 pointed sepals that form a cup-like tube. There are 12 stamens, 6 styles and an inferior ovary.  Flowers are very interesting to look at, but are often shaded by the foliage and inconspicuous!
Leaves: There are usually 2 big leaves per plant. They are roughly heart-shaped and hairy.

Suggested Uses:

Makes a lovely ground Cover for any woodland garden! The interesting singular bell-shaped flowers are nestled underneath the foliage. Foliage has a gingery fragrance when crushed!

Interesting Facts

Medicinal Uses: They have been tested as a possible cancer treatment. The root may have been used as a method of birth control and a treatment for pain.
Food Uses: The root can be used as a ginger substitute, or as a candy if cooked with sugar.
More Info: It is pollinated by beetles and other ground dwelling insects.
Other Names: Indian-Ginger, Snakeroot

Additional information

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