Arisaema triphyllum

Arisaema triphyllum


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Please Note: These bulbs come up, bloom early, and go into dormancy during hot weather. If purchased for spring delivery they will be either coming out of dormancy or actively growing mid-spring. If purchased mid summer through fall they may either be going into dormancy, after they flower and set fruit, or are dormant and will not grow until the following spring.

Key Information:

Soil: Hydric (Wet) – Mesic (Medium)
Sun: Part Sun – Shade
Height: 1-3 feet
Bloom Color: Green
Bloom Season: April-July

More Details:

Suggested Uses: Jack-in-the-pulpit is a fascinating and beautiful shade-loving plant that thrives in moist woods. It makes for a great woodland rain garden plant. Especially useful in a garden that would stay fairly moist throughout the season. Fruit is bright red in the fall and very showy. A great conversation piece!

Native Range: Native to woodlands east of the Mississippi River.  Native throughout the wooded areas of Minnesota.

Flowers: The unusual Jack-in-the-pulpit flower consists of a ridged hood or ‘pulpit’ enveloping ‘jack,’ an upright club that forms the seeds.
Leaves: There are 1 or 2 leaves per plant. They are divided into 3 sections. The female plants have 2 leaves, and the male plants have only 1. There is a vein running around the edge of each leaflet.

Interesting Facts:

Food Uses: The roots (corms) can be eaten as a cooked vegetable. It is peppery and will burn if eaten raw. Thinly sliced and dried corms can be eaten like potato chips or ground into flour.
Other Names: Indian Turnip

More Information: USDA PLANT database profile

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