Arctostaphylos uva-ursi

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi


Michigan Bearberry Categories: ,


Key Information:

Soil: Xeric (Dry) – Mesic (Medium). Acidic soil.
Sun: Full Sun – Part Sun
Height: 6″ to 1′
Bloom Color: White – Pink
Bloom Season: April – June

More Detail:

Suggested Uses: This low growing sub-shrub forms an excellent ground cover on dry sandy and rocky soils. It spreads gradually by surface rhizomes to form a mat, and is found naturally near sandy beaches and open woodlands. Requires acidic soil. Not tolerant of clay.

Native Range: Native to northern-most regions of the U.S. and select areas throughout the West. Native throughout northern Minnesota.

Pollinators: Attracts hummingbirds, butterflies and bees. Host plant for several species of butterflies and moths.

Flowers:  Small, bell-shaped light pink or white flowers form in drooping umbels that give way to bright red berries.

Leaves: Leaves are small, evergreen and leathery, attached alternately.

Other Names: Kinnikinnick

More information: USDA PLANT database profile

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