Antennaria neglecta

Antennaria neglecta


Beautiful and unique ground cover with soft, fuzzy leaves and flowers that resemble the pads on cats’ feet.

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Key Information:

Soil: Mesic (Medium) – Xeric (Dry)
Sun: Full Sun – Part Sun
Height: 1-4″
Bloom Color: White
Bloom Season: April – July

More Details:

Suggested Uses: Cat’s Paw is a nice choice for the rock garden and is an excellent upland ground cover for clay, loam, as well as dry, gravelly soils.  Deer and rabbit resistant. The flowers are nice for dried bouquets.

Native Range: Native to the Midwest and New England. Native throughout the state of Minnesota.

Pollinators: Larval host plant for the American Painted Lady butterfly (Vanessa virginiensis)! Pollinated by bees and flies. 

Flowers: The 1″ flower head consists of 3-10 fuzzy 1/4″ flowers in a tight group at the end of a single, fuzzy stem. The plant grows with female flowers on one branch and male flowers on another.

Leaves: The 1-2″ basal leaves have fuzzy, white hairs and one center nerve.  Often seen growing in patches as groundcover.

Interesting Facts:

Other Uses: Formerly placed in storage with wool items to prevent moth damage.

More Info: It is allelopathic, it ‘poisons’ the soil to reduce competition from other plants. No need to worry when planting it in your garden though.

Other Names: Field Pussytoes. Its name is inspired by the flowers which look like the pads on cats’ feet.

More Information: USDA plant profile

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