Antennaria neglecta

Antennaria neglecta


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Soil: Mesic (Medium) to Xeric (Dry)
Sun: Full to Part
Height: 1-4″
Color: White
Blooms: April-July
Flowers: The 1″ flower head consists of 3-10 fuzzy 1/4″ flowers in a tight group at the end of a single, fuzzy stem. The flowers have female flowers on one branch and the male flowers on another.
Leaves: The 1-2″ basal leaves have fuzzy, white hairs and one center nerve.

Suggested Uses:

This plant attracts the Painted Lady Butterfly (Larval Food)!  It is a nice choice for the rock garden, and is an excellent upland ground cover for Clay, Loam, as well as, dry, gravelly soils.


Interesting Facts

Medicinal Uses: Once used as a headache treatment.
Other Uses:The flowers are nice for dried bouquets. Formerly placed in storage with wool items to prevent moth damage.
More Info: It forms dense mats and ‘poisons’ the soil to reduce competition from other plants.

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