Anemonella thalictroides

Anemonella thalictroides

This small, delicate wildflower is one of the first woodland plants to bloom in the spring!

Photo by and (c)2007 Derek Ramsey

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Key Information:

Soil Moisture: Mesic (Medium)
Sun: Part Sun – Shade
Height: 4-8″
Bloom Color: Light Pink – White
Bloom Season: April – May

More Detail:

Suggested Uses: Rue Anemone is of the first woodland plants to pop up and bloom in the spring. It is beautiful. An excellent addition to woodland gardens.

Native Range: Native to Appalachia, the Ozarks and scattered areas surrounding. Native to the southeastern corner of Minnesota.

Pollinators: Bees

Flowers: There are 1-4 flowers on each plant with one 1″ flower per branch. There are no petals, instead each flower has 5-8 petal-like sepals. They have many stamens and yellow anthers.

Leaves: The opposite leaves have a stalk or petiole extending from the main plant stalk. They are divided into 3 branches, each with a single leaflet. The leaflets are slightly three lobed or notched.

Name: The common name “Rue” refers to the fact that the leaves resemble the Meadow Rue.

Other Names: Thalictrum thalictroides, Mayflower

More Information: USDA PLANT profile

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