Anemone cylindrica

Anemone cylindrica


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Soil: Mesic(Medium) to (Xeric) Dry
Sun: Full to Part
Height: 2-3′
Color: White
Blooms: June-August
Flowers: The 1-2″ flowers have 4-9 petal-like sepals, no petals, and numerous stamens and pistils. The stamens and pistils form a thimble-like cylinder that extends up from the sepals.
Leaves: The whorled leaves are up to 3″ long. They are divided like the palm of a hand into pointed, oblong, toothed segments.

Suggested Uses:

An upland native, these plants are nice for rock gardens, sand and gravel soils. A great restoration plant! Flowers are white and give way to Thimble-like seed heads that are soft and cottony when fully mature. The seed is very fun to collect!


Interesting Facts

Medicinal Uses: Tea made from the roots is said to alleviate dizziness.
Other Uses: The seeds heads dry well and make lovely additions to dried flower bouquets. Just collect them before the seeds start to disperse.
Folklore: Rubbing your hands in the smoke of the burning heads was thought to bring good luck to the Ponca Indians.
Name: Anemone may come from the Greek word for “wind”.   Also candle anemone.

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