Anemone canadensis

Anemone canadensis


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Soil: Hydric(Wet) toMesic(Medium)
Sun: Full toPart
Height: 1-2′
Color: White
Blooms: May-June
Flowers: The flowers have 5 petal-like ovate or elliptical sepals and up to 100 yellow stamens.
Leaves: The whorled leaves are palm-like, divided into 3-5 sections. They are often divided again and toothed toward the edges.

Suggested Uses:

These plants are great for rain gardens and shoreline restoration projects. This plant makes a nice ground cover that has beautiful rich looking foliage with white Buttercup-like flowers late spring.


Interesting Facts

Medicinal Uses: Tea from the roots was used to treat dizziness and headache.
More Info: They spread though horizontal roots (rhizomes).
Name: Anemone may come from the Greek word for “wind”.
Other Names: Windflower, Meadow Anemone, Mayflower

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