Andropogon gerardii

Andropogon gerardii


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Key Information:

Soil: Mesic (Medium)
Sun: Full Sun – Part Sun (Prairie or Savanna)
Height: 3 – 8 feet
Type: Warm-season, perennial, bunchgrass.
*Salt tolerant*

More Details:

Suggested Uses: Big Bluestem is a very tall warm-season bunchgrass.  Plants turn a beautiful deep maroon to blue color in the fall. The seed heads are often described as looking like a turkey’s foot. This grass is often used for prairie restoration projects. It is good for erosion control. It can be found in wet prairies but can also tolerate some drought.  Versatile! Big Bluestem is an excellent forage grass.

Wildlife Uses: Host plant for many species of skipper butterflies, including the federally threatened Dakota Skipper (Hesperia dacotae). Provides food and cover for many animals and birds. It does not flatten under snow so it provides spring nesting areas.

Native Range: U.S.: Native across the U.S. except for the Pacific Northwest. Minnesota: Native range covers the state of Minnesota.

Other Names: Turkey foot

More Information: USDA plant profile

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