Allium tricoccum

Allium tricoccum


Wild Leek Category:


These plants are available in 4″ pot but are limited in quantity! **MAY BE DORMANT.**

Soil: Mesic(Medium)
Sun: Shade
Height: 6-8″
Color: White
Blooms: June-July
Flowers: The1/4″ flowers have 3 sepals 3 petals, both are hairless. They have 6 stamens, one stile and superior ovaries.
Leaves: The 8-12″ lace-shaped to elliptical leaves fade before the flowers bloom.

Suggested Uses:

Edible, Shade


Interesting Facts

Food Uses: The whole plant is edible, but the bulb is the most useful. It can be used like any other onion – raw, cooked, pickled etc. Highly prized, this delicacy has been over collected for culinary purposes for the restaurant industry and their numbers are in serious decline in many parts of the country.
Name: Allium is the ancient Latin name for garlic. Also, referred to as “Ramps”.

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