Allium canadense

Allium canadense


Wild Garlic Category:


Wild Garlic

Soil: Prefer Medium Moist (Hydric) to Medium (Mesic) soil types

Sun: Full to Partial shade

Height: 18″

Color: Pink

Bloom: May – July

Flowers: Flowers are star-shaped and are arranged in an umbel. Reddish bulbils form at the base of the umbel. Flower stalks are round.

Leaves: Rosette of basal leaves, linear, erect and flat.

Suggested uses:

Will also grow in light shade in woodland settings. It is a common wildflower that grows in a wide variety of settings; from woodlands to bluffs to shoreline and to fields and pastures.

The bulbs and leaves are edible and the bulbils produce new plants. Seeds are often not viable. This plant should be consumed in moderation, as it may be slightly toxic. The flowers are  attractive to butterflies and beneficial insects. Small bees pollinate the flowers.

Interesting Facts

Medicinal Uses: It has a variety of medicinal uses. Soothes bee stings, calms the stomach, relieves earaches.
Food Uses: Edible native. Leaves can be used like chives and bulbs can be boiled or sauteed.
Other Uses:
More Info: High deer resistance. However, wild turkeys eat the bulbs and leaves!
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