Agrimonia striata

Agrimonia striata

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Soil: Mesic(Medium) to,Xeric(Dry)
Sun: Full to Part (Tolerates shade)
Height: 1-6′
Color: Yellow
Blooms: July-September
Flowers: The 1/4″ flowers have 5 sepals, 5 petals, several stamens, and 2 pistils. They bloom on a wand-like cluster above the leaves and produce top-shaped seeds with little hooks that stick to your clothing.
Leaves: The compound leaves are divided into 2-4″ leaflets. The leaflets are coarsely toothed, many veined, with tiny leaflets between larger leaves.

Suggested Uses:

This shade tolerant plant in the rose family grows in dry to moist woodlands, shores and thickets. A good plant for restoration.

Interesting Facts:

Very little information is available on this plant.


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