Adiantum pedatum

Adiantum pedatum

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Soil: Hydric(Wet) to Mesic(Medium) Moist, but not wet.
Sun: Shade
Height: 1.5′
Color: Fern
Blooms: Fern
Flowers:  Spores
Leaves: Delicate and finely textured. Light green with dark stems. Fiddle-heads are deep reddish in color.

Suggested Uses:

This is a beautiful, finely textured ground cover! It does well in shade gardens or woodlands that are protected from heavy wind. Grows on rich woodland soils and tolerates limestone soils, as well (pH 6.8-7.2) Nice plant for contrast next to bolder foliage ground covers in the woodland garden

Interesting Facts

Medicinal Uses:  Tea was made by indigenous people to treat upper respiratory problems such as coughing.
Food Uses:
Other Uses:   Has beautiful strong, shiny, dark stems that are used to make baskets.
More Info: Provides shelter for toads.
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