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2013 – Year of the Wildflower

The National Garden Bureau has named 2013 the Year of the Wildflower. We are so excited they too are recognizing the beauty and benefits of the plants we have loved for many years. They have lots of good information at their website if you would like to visit. Our new catalog should be in the mail soon as it is at printing now. For those who need a lift in the meantime, you can visit our website for lots of juicy information and some new offerings. We will be seeding next week! The smell of fresh soil, the humidity, sunshine of the greenhouse, and the excitement of baby seedlings emerging – life is good! (Photo credit: Nic McPhee)

This Little Birdie Went To MSG

Reflecting back on the past growing season, I remembered this special moment: One late spring afternoon, I came back to work after lunch and I noticed one of my employees staring back at his car as he walked up to the schoolhouse.  I said “Noah, what’s up? You look perplexed!  He then began to tell me about a little birdie that had ridden all the way from his neighbors yard to Morning Sky Greenery (MSG) on the windshield wiper on the back of his car.  MSG is about 2 miles from his home!  One of those miles “up to speed” on Highway 28!  He said he kept waiting for the little birdie to fly off, but he never did.  Noah didn’t know what else to do, so he brought him to work. The little birdie just sat there patiently, all the while we were having this very serious discussion.  He even opted for a little photo session and just sat there looking at me, while I took a couple of pictures of him. I looked...
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Feeding the Monarchs!

The Monarchs have arrived and now it is important to have early blooming composite native wildflowers available to supply the adult butterfly with nectar and Milkweed available for them to lay their eggs upon. Eventually, the eggs will hatch into tiny caterpillars and they will begin their great feast and grow into big, plump caterpillars. See our “Home Page” to link to Wildflowers that will provide nourishment and habitat for all stages of the lifer cycle of the Monarch Butterfly!

We’re just a bunch of turkeys out here!

Okay, so we’re not a bunch of extroverts at Morning Sky Greenery (MSG) and this is how I know! It all began last fall when we were called and asked  if we would be interested in being interviewed for an article that would feature our nursery for an upcoming issue of the Country Folks Grower magazine. Of course, we could not refuse the opportunity!  I set up a time for an interview for later that week.  The interview was on Thursday and after it was over, I felt like it went pretty well.  I was quite impressed with the knowledgeable questions of the interviewer. I was also asked to provide around 15 photos from Morning Sky Greenery from which they could choose to use for the article.  They needed the photos within the next couple of days, because they were in a hurry to get the article to press. I thought to myself, “Oh, this will be easy! We have a lot of very nice photos of flowers, as well as some great shots of...
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Join us on Facebook!

Morning Sky Greenery is on Facebook! Make sure you navigate over to our Facebook Page and hit that ‘Like’ button to keep up to date on our latest inventory changes and any special promotions we may be doing!

A-brrr-il Snow Makes Things Grow!

Wow! What a quick month this has been! We have been extremely busy transplanting seedlings and planting bulbs and roots. Everything is germinating and growing, so well! I think the native plants are ready for spring this year. We will have a lot of new species for 2011 and we will post them as soon as we can grab a little time to to do so! In the mean time, if you are looking for a particular species, please inquire. We may just have it!!! Our woodland wildflowers are in bloom in the greenhouse. They are an absolute joy! We, also, have dormant wildflowers from overwintered stock, that are coming up slowly in their pots. If you place an order for them soon, you will be able to enjoy their blooms this year!

What’s Up at Morning Sky Greenery?

The Greenery is  going even greener in 2011! We will not be producing a new catalog until our current catalog is gone.  What this means to you is that our plant prices have remained the same and that a business you support is finding new ways to use our paper resources more efficiently.  Please let us know if you would like us to send you a catalog and we would be glad to do so! You can email us at You may also download a catalog or an order form directly from our websites “Home” page with current availability and shipping prices.  Or,  Shop Online! We are looking forward to our soon-to-be sprouts! We have been very busy working on production schedules for 2011 and cleaning and stratifying seeds. If you have particular plants that you are interested in,  let us know and we will make sure that we increase our plantings of those species.  Also, we are always working on new species, so please inquire…we may just have it! Morning Sky Greenery is...
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Red Splender

It is so white on the prairie that when the sun comes out it seems like you could get your whole (newly recommended) daily dose of 600 mg of vitamin D in 5 minutes (added value blog). We have packed away our plants, clustered our trees and bushes and are now cleaning and stratifying seed.  When you come upon a bag you remember collecting you go back to warmer days, “seeing” for the first time blue bottle gentian, prairie onion and aster. This is my first year at the “Greenery” and my walks in the prairie will never be the same.

Of Flowers, Repairs, and Expansion

It’s July! Did you know that the birth flower for this sweltering month is the Delphinium (Larkspur)? This fact is actually quite puzzling considering that Delphinium virescens, the Larkspur carried by Morning Sky Greenery, becomes dormant during the hotter part of the year including – you guessed it – July. It has been a while since our last update because June was a quite busy month. Everyone here is hard at work on various projects. Sally is currently working diligently on native flower arrangements for the wedding of a previous employee this weekend. Beautiful arrangements of Echinacea purpurea (Purple Coneflower) and Ratibida pinnata (Yellow Coneflower) are being gathered.  This has been a nice change of pace for student employees who have been working tenaciously on a project well suited to their youthful, limber bodies. They have been working to expand our outdoor nursery space by almost 25% by re-purposing a previously landscaped area. Also with large orders winding down, storm damage to our outdoor lattice fencing is being repaired this month. We look forward to...
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Stormy Weather…

Tuesday morning, bleary eyed and still half asleep, Jen and I arrived at Morning Sky Greenery. Habitual and necessary coffee in hand, we slunk through the greenhouse to activate the new automatic watering system for the outdoor plants. Casually opening the door and conversing normally, we stepped out to activate the spigot which provides water to the automatic system. Gasps. Stepping into the back, it looked as though many of our grasses had been picked up by a crane and dropped forcefully into a pile on our forbes. Packs, flats, and plugs were strewn about in a scene that proved instantly stressful. Standing around and muttering generically surprised phrases was all we could do for at least ten minutes, as we wandered the grounds assessing the damages. A large diseased tree, thankfully destined for removal anyway, was downed by the wind directly beside our building. Luckily it fell perfectly, missing the building and also taking care of some unwanted shrubbery. Waiting for one of our supervisors to arrive, we marveled at what the wind had...
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