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This Little Birdie Went To MSG

Reflecting back on the past growing season, I remembered this special moment:

One late spring afternoon, I came back to work after lunch and I noticed one of my employees staring back at his car as he walked up to the schoolhouse.  I said “Noah, what’s up? You look perplexed!  He then began to tell me about a little birdie that had ridden all the way from his neighbors yard to Morning Sky Greenery (MSG) on the windshield wiper on the back of his car.  MSG is about 2 miles from his home!  One of those miles “up to speed” on Highway 28!  He said he kept waiting for the little birdie to fly off, but he never did.  Noah didn’t know what else to do, so he brought him to work. The little birdie just sat there patiently, all the while we were having this very serious discussion.  He even opted for a little photo session and just sat there looking at me, while I took a couple of pictures of him.

I looked at Noah and said “Noah, I think your just going to have to turn around and take that little birdie back home! Drive carefully!  We’ll see you in a bit!”.  So, off  Noah went with the little birdie perched on the back windshield wiper of his car, hoping that eventually the bird would find his way back home.

Apparently, the little birdie finally flew off of the car, at the moment  Noah drove by his neighbors yard! I guess the little birdie knew where his home was… I am sure he was glad to be back!  Maybe the little birdie was just sick and tired of  his parents trying to make him learn how to fly, over and over again! He decided to take the easy route that warm spring day and go for a little drive, instead.

Birdie Takes a ride!