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Fall Planting

Please note that your newly purchased native wildflowers and grasses are going into dormancy. Do not be alarmed by their fall color (actually, very pretty), browning tops  or, even, the lack of leaves. This is a normal process for your natives plants. Shorter days, cooler temperatures and a light frost will trigger the slow down of the top growth of these plants. You may notice that the root systems are vigorous and may even appear “root bound”. This is a natural process and very desirable. These plants continue to produce roots, and even accelerates root production, at this time of the year. Don’t be alarmed!  Plant these root plugs.  After the ground freezes,  place 3-4″ of mulch over top to protect them from frost-heaving (Popping out of the ground!). Uncover your natives in the spring to allow the ground to warm up. Most of our native plants love the heat and will start to grow when the ground starts to warms! In Minnesota, watch for them to come up May or early June! Enjoy these remarkable plants!

Fall is a great time for planting your native wildflowers flowers and grasses! You will get a “jump-start” on the spring by doing so!