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Rudbeckia laciniata
Wild Golden Glow
Most photos by Ann Grandy and Sally J.A.Finzel, unless otherwise noted to the left. Please ask for permission before using images.

Soil: Hydric (Moist) to Mesic (Medium)
Sun: Full-Shade
Height: 3'-12'
Color: Yellow
Blooms: July-October
Flowers: The daisy-like flowers are formed by yellow petal-like ray flowers that bend downward from a cone of brown ray flowers.
Leaves: The leaves are toothy and divided into 3-5 parts. Dark green cutleaf foliage.


Suggested Uses:

This showy tall Rudbeckia is a good plant for a large rain garden in full sun or shade.  It is also a great plant for the birdwatchers garden!


Interesting Facts

Medicinal Uses:
Food Uses:
Other Uses:  Attractive to bees and butterflies!
More Information:  Aggressive root structure.
Other Names:  Green-headed Coneflower

Option Price Quantity
Seed Packets
(at least 25 seeds)
3 1/2-inch pots $4.25
6-pack $6.95
5 3/4-inch pots $7.95
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Do not use native plants for food or medicine based on the information in this website. The information listed here is included for entertainment only, not as a recommendation. Please do not eat any native plants!

Morning Sky Greenery is a Minnesota Native Plant Nursery, growing native plants for shoreline restoration, raingardens and infiltration basins, and backyard butterfly, birdwatcher and pollinator gardens. We carry many native plants of North America, specifically midwest varieties. We have the expertise and the plants available to make any size native landscape or garden project a success!

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