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Rudbeckia hirta
Black-eyed Susan
Most photos by Ann Grandy and Sally J.A.Finzel, unless otherwise noted to the left. Please ask for permission before using images.

Soil: Mesic(Medium) to Xeric(Dry)
Sun: Full, Partial
Height: 1'-3'
Color: Yellow
Bloom: June-September
Flowers: The daisy-like flowers are 2"-3" wide and are formed by yellow ray flowers surrounding a cone of brown ray flowers.
Leaves: The hairy, ovate leaves are 2"-7" long and have 3 prominent veins.


Suggested Uses:

This extremely showy wildflower is a short-lived perennial (also considered an annual and biennial), but will reseed itself and has a nice long season of bloom. It is a work horse of a plant for controlling erosion and is very useful in restoration projects! Given it's long bloom time, it is a lovely garden plant as well. It makes a nice cut flower, attracts butterflies and is resistant to deer!


Interesting Facts:

Medicinal Uses: Tea from dried leaves has been used as a kidney stimulant. Root tea was used to treat colds.
Food Uses:
Other Uses: When planted in combination with grasses and legumes, Black-eyed Susans help control erosion. They also provide food and cover for several species of birds.
More Information:
Name: The scientific name "hirta" means "hairy" or "rough." Named for Olaf Rudbeck - botanist at the University in Upsala, Sweden.
Other Names:

Option Price Quantity
Seed Packets
(at least 25 seeds)
3 1/2-inch pots $4.25
6-pack $6.95
5 3/4-inch pots $7.95
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Do not use native plants for food or medicine based on the information in this website. The information listed here is included for entertainment only, not as a recommendation. Please do not eat any native plants!

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